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Locations and Schedule

Location for Pick Up

We currently meet customers for order pick up in the following location

on an appointment basis only. Feel free to text prior to ordering to

ensure we can meet your schedule. 907-782-7229.

Screen Shot of Palmer Three Bears Donation Bins from Google Maps


Palmer-Wasilla customers can pick up from us at the Palmer-Wasilla Three Bears Parking Lot.


We meet currently meet by the donation bins.

A Message from Our Founder Detailing the Restructure of our Business to a Non-Profit!

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The Bug Dealers

Meet Layla & Scarlett

Layla and Scarlett started raising insects in early 2018 to provide proper nutrition for their own reptiles as large pet supply chains lacked fresh & affordable feeders. When their personal supply grew to excess, they saw an opportunity to serve the local reptile and exotics community. After careful consideration of many ridiculous names, "Alaska Bug Dealers" was formed.

Our feeders are raised in captivity on a healthy diet of fresh vegetables, Repashy Superfoods and a proprietary blend of "cockroach crack." In addition our insects enjoy an eclectic variety of music each day as they are cared for. In fact, Dubia bucket number one has formed their own cover band!

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Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Todd: (907)782-7229 cell/text 

Layla (907)355-1286 cell/text

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